Petra Johanna
Benyei Peco

Contratado Juan de la Cierva Formación
Dept. of Applied Economics and Geography
Sistemas Agroalimentarios y Desarrollo Territorial (SADT)
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Petra Benyei is a sociologist, with a master's in rural development and a Ph.D. in environmental sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During her predoctoral stage, she worked as a research assistant at PGSARD (University of Pretoria), evaluating Inclusive Development Models for the integration of small-scale farmers into land reform projects and commercial value chains in South Africa. She also worked as a research assistant at LADYSS (Université Paris Diderot), investigating the factors determining the adoption of innovations in mountain agriculture to address the impacts of climate change. During her PhD, she worked at LASEG (Autonomous University of Barcelona), conducting evaluative research projects on the use of digital tools for the intergenerational transmission of traditional agroecological knowledge. Finally, in her postdoctoral stage, she has worked in the European project LICCI (Autonomous University of Barcelona), investigating the impacts of climate change perceived by mountain farmers in the Iberian Peninsula, and changes in cultivation decisions derived from these impacts. She currently has a Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Researcher contract at the IEGD (CSIC), where she will investigate the factors that determine the generational change and the adoption of socio-environmentally sustainable agri-food models. this research is framed in a project funded by La Caixa Foundation ( that she leads as Principal Investigator.

Specialization field
Environmental anthropology, Ethnoecology, Human ecology, Political Agroecology, Rural sociology, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology of Knowledge

Most impactful publications:

Benyei, P. (CA), Skarlatidou, A., Argyriou, D. et al. (1/27). 2023. Challenges, Strategies and Impacts of doing Citizen Science with Marginalised and Indigenous Communities: reflections from project coordinators. Citizen Science: theory and practice. 8(1), p.21. 📑(Q1; CiteScore: 4.5; OA)

Blanch-Ramírez J., Calvet-Mir L., Aceituno-Mata L., and Benyei P. (CA, 4/4). 2022. Climate change in the Catalan Pyrenees intersects with socioeconomic factors to shape crop diversity and management. Agronomy for sustainable development. 42 (91) 📑(Q1; CS: 9.5; OA)

Benyei P. (CA), Calvet-Mir L., Reyes-García L. and Villamayor-Tomás S. (1/4). 2022. The role of Indigenous and local knowledge in social movement’s struggles against threats to community-based natural resource management systems: Insights from a qualitative meta-analysis. International Journal of the Commons. 16(1), pp.263–277. 📑(Q1; CS: 3.9; OA)

Benyei, P. (CA), Pardo-de-Santayana M., Aceituno-Mata L., Calvet-Mir L., Carrascosa-García M., Rivera-Ferre M., Perdomo-Molina A., & Reyes-García V. (1/8). 2020. Participation in citizen science: insights from the CONECT-e case study. Science, Technology and Human Values. 46(4) 📑(Q1; CS: 4.9; Green OA)

Benyei P. (CA), Aceituno-Mata L., (…), and Reyes-García V. (1/12). 2020. Seeds of change: reversing traditional agroecological knowledge’s erosion through a citizen science school program in Catalonia. Ecology and Society. 25(2):19. 📑 (Q1; CS: 7.2; OA)

Benyei P. (CA); Calvet-Mir L., Reyes-García V., and Rivera-Ferre M. (1/4). 2020. Resistance to traditional agroecological knowledge erosion in industrialized contexts. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems. 44(10). 📑(Q1; CS: 3.5; Green OA)

Benyei P. (CA), Arreola G., and Reyes-García V. (1/3). 2020. Storing and sharing: A review of indigenous and local knowledge conservation initiatives. Ambio. 49(1):218–230. 📑(Q1; CS: 9.0; Green OA)

Reyes-García V. (CA), and Benyei P. (2/2). 2019. Indigenous knowledge for conservation. Nature Sustainability. 2:657–658. 📑(Q1; CS: 6.8; Green OA)

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Benyei P. (CA), Cohen M., Gresillon E., Angles S., Araque-Jiménez E., Alonso-Roldán A., and Espadas-Tormo I. (1/7). 2018. Pruning waste management and climate change in Sierra Mágina’s olive groves (Andalusia, Spain). Regional Environmental Change. 18: 595–605. 📑(Q2; CS: 5.6; Green OA)

Research projects

LCF/PR/SR23/57000002 (2023) FARM Factors shaping farmer renewal and farming models. Social Research Call SR23. Fundación La Caixa. P.I: Benyei P. (CSIC) 01/12/2023-31/11/2025. €99,953. Beneficiary. 

ERC-2019-PoC-899209 (2019). Indigenous Climate Change Impacts Observation Network (ICCION) European Commission. ERC-PoC. IP: Reyes Garcia V. (UAB). 01/11/2020-01/04/2022. €150,000. Team member. 

H2020-771056-LICCI (2017) Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts. The Contribution of Local Knowledge to Climate Change Research (LICCI) European Commission. H2020_ERC_CoG. PI: Reyes Garcia V. (UAB). 01/06/2018-31/05/2023. €2,000,000. Team member.

CSO2014-59704-P (2014) Ciencia ciudadana y conocimiento agroecológico tradicional. ¿Cómo fomentar la participación ciudadana en el Inventario Español de los Conocimientos Tradicionales relativos a la Biodiversidad? Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. RETOS2015. PI: Reyes García V. (UAB) 01/01/2015-31/12/2017. €48,400. Team member.